Why Hire Out Your Social Media?


So we know what you're thinking!

You're looking to give your business an edge online or searching for a more aggressive marketing strategy, but struggling with the idea of entrusting such an important task to an outside team. 

Our clients are surprised how much more affordable it really is to outsource their marketing than hiring a full-on employee to sit at a desk and chip away at their accounts.

Per hour? That’s crazy!

We’re a business and we know time is valuable.

That’s exactly why we step up and step in as a virtual assistant for your company. We take on all the challenges of updating accounts with daily specials, sales, run promotions, manage ad campaigns and interact with your audience AS you. We were built on the philosophy of helping small businesses succeed for less and that’s why we price our services so affordably and with TONS of flexibility.

We can hone in on local audiences.

As Hudson Valley natives, we’re passionate about keepin’ it local. For our out of state clients? They want to bring that experience to their audience too. Our specialty is designing a system that connects with YOUR local market wherever that may be as if we were physically sitting in your brick and mortar location.

We take this seriously.

Your success is our success. When we log in as a business, it doesn’t just mean we’re putting on a different hat. During each dedicated time slot we take on the personality of your business. Your customers want to interact with YOU and that’s exactly the experience we provide. It’s important that these messages, comments and likes don’t slip through the cracks because any curious inquiry is a potential customer for your business.

The closer connected your audience feels, the more presence you’ll have online.

If you’re still having reservations, just ask!

We know marketing is an intimidating world and it’s daunting to think about all the small details you’ll need to redecorate your web-presence and get the whole thing going. We consult as a neighbor in small business and will help you navigate what your options are, how to budget for your brand’s specific needs and get you to a comfortable starting point.

Let’s collaborate and create something great for your biz.

After all, a little organization is a always a breath of fresh air.

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