New Facebook Algorithm? Don't Panic!

Facebook and Instagram have been wising up to the way people interact with social media. 

The algorithm in place is meant to keep content shuffling, making the experience more enjoyable for users. Although it seems great in theory, this is causin' chaos for business owners utilizing social media as a core marketing strategy. 

While there's no magic way to get around the algorithm changes, there are some ways you can maximize your posts to shine bright through the Facebook and Instagram fog. 

Social media might be a slow rolling ball that takes a lot of research on the end of a business owner, but sometimes you've got to reel it back in and look at the basics. It is called social media for a reason, you've got to be social on these forums.

News flash, it's not all about running ads and sponsoring posts. 

Be Authentic.

No matter what you're selling, users don't want to be marketed to.


If your posts sound like a robot selling a used car, you need to transform the way you interact with your target market. Your posts should be authentic and speak to what your brand means for you. We've all seen those posts that seem incredibly fake, cheesy or a carbon copy of a bad informercial. Don't do it! Show off your office, your team and be real with your followers. 

Be Personal.

You are your brand. 

This can't be more important. Build relationships with your target market by letting your hair down and letting your personality shine bright. Don't be afraid to interact with pages you like, and posts from your followers that you genuinely enjoy.

Build these relationships with organic interaction. Jump in and talk to people, comment on posts and just relate. Your potential customers should be able to log onto your social media accounts and feel like they know you and what you're all about. 

Be Consistent!

This is so freakin' important, people! 

If you aren't posting consistently on your business pages, you're getting lost in the algorithm. Give your followers something new, fresh, real and fun to interact with on a daily (or regular) basis and your content will always be circulating in the feed. 

Consistency is key in almost everything in this world and social media is no different. A majority of our clients recognize that consistency is a major player in the success of their social media accounts and that's where we come in to take some big pressure off business owners trying to balance it all. Don't worry folks, we've got you.


So you're hearing a lot about the Facebook/Instagram algorithm and you're panicking?


We know even the word algorithm is scary, but it's nothing to feel intimidated about. We're here to remind you that even though the world of social media is ever evolving, consistency and a personal touch will always help your business come out on top. 


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