Blogs for Better Business

Blogging is like creating a road map for your brand. 

The goal of social media is to not only develop a presence to a virtual audience but to develop new avenues for your business to be noticed. Each business profile is broken down and graded on it's search engine optimization. This SEO is essentially how "searchable" you are on the world wide web. 

SEO is everything.

As you might imagine, there's a ton of ways to boost and maintain positive SEO scores for each specific platform. One strategy in improving your website's performance is to have a collection of different blogs that are easily accessible on your site. 

"I'm drawing a blank, what am I supposed to blog about?"

Well, the possibilities are endless.

Blogs can be seasonal, themed, relate to your services or even funny. These blogs give your audience a quick read where they can learn a little bit about your voice and personality. Being yourself through your writing keeps your mission authentic and unique. 

Be choosy with your topics.

Decide on some topics that are hot topics in your community with your target market. When writing, you are aiming to connect with your community and include plenty of links to tie you back to popular searches online. 

If there's a big concert in your community this month, a good blog would include the top ten summer activities to do in your area, bringing the big show to the list. 

The Missing Link

Although the ideal blog is no more than 600 words, having plenty of source material linked in your blog is important. By doing so, you're giving credit where credit is due and making a connection with another site. Scatter links around in each paragraph, always being sure to include some that help users navigate to other pages and articles you've published.

Blogs are important!

A good blog isn't just for stay at home mom DIY'ers, it's an essential marketing strategy for any business. Whether you're an artist, craftsman, insurance broker or something in between, your business can only benefit from some professionally written blogs

So what are you waiting for? 

If you can't find the time.. We'll take it from here.