Community Connect Your BiZ

If you aren't making a connection with your community, can you really call yourself a locally passionate business? 

We see and hear the words "shop local" and "think local first" everywhere we go, but how many businesses can say they're living that philosophy. Connecting with your community is what it's all about. When you're present in a broad range of local centers and organizations, your local network gets larger every day.


Meet local business owners that are like minded, serve a similar demographic or products that compliment your own. Make it a point to collaborate with different small businesses in your area, and you'll soon have a fleet of local goods and services that connect you with different target markets with a broader reach than you could stretch on your own. 

Cross Promote

Bringing up other businesses can help you shine! You're supporting friends and neighbors and introducing other brands to your product and service in a friendly and meaningful way. Get to know your competition and encourage opportunities to join forces and to exhibit your brands together in a community space. Establishing festivals and public events not only benefits the exposure and marketing of your brand, but also stimulates our local economy. 

Make Face Time

It's one thing to be best friends on the world wide web and it's another to regularly meet up with other local businesses and professionals in your service area. This old fashioned networking is still strong for a reason! You're the face of your company and meeting up with your fellow business owners can encourage collaboration on larger projects that will turn some serious profits. 

So if you're branding yourself as locally owned, operated and passionate, live up to it!

Reach out to your community and get involved with different events and initiatives that help you connect with your neighborhoods and transform your brand into a household name.


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